About us Etilen Solutions® is a multi-dimensional Information Technology (IT) company established to help organisations meet up with the teeming IT demands in the present age through “Cost Effective, Scalable and Reliable” solutions at an affordable rate.

Etilen is committed to providing innovative software and hardware solutions that improves efficiency and productivity of organisations.

We are deeply rooted in IT bringing you vast options in same, covering divers sectors including education, industry, manufacturing, SME and up to the personal computer users.

Etilen help organisations build and manage sustainable state-of-the-art IT infrastructures with minimal budget in place through staff collaboration and technical support. We eliminates from organisations where necessary the worries of investing in additional infrastructure, training new personnel, support and maintenance cost which tends to increase budget.

In Etilen, We believe exploring possibilities with technologies directed towards hardware and software could lead to great innovation. We provides services using world-class IT infrastructure and maintaining best practices at an affordable cost irrespective of organisational size and financial strength.

Our Vision:

To help organisations respond to increase IT demand while coping with fixed or decline budget.

Our Strength:

Ability to provide solutions using state-of-the-art IT infrastructure while maintaining best practices with drastically reduced upfront cost which deter many organisations from leveraging cutting-edge IT services.

Our Mission:

1. Find what matter most to organisations and helping them gain proper alignment using IT innovations
2. Help organisations reduce IT budget through cost saving strategy and identifying the most appropriate technologies
3. Help organisations leverage and keep up with new technologies and innovation with little or no cost

State-of-the-art technologies

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